Tuesday, January 20, 2009

In the Beginning

We all start somewhere, right?

Today, I began my blog. My audience is few -- alright, only my cats -- but I hope they enjoy it nonetheless. Stop looking out the window, boys, the good stuff's right here.

I completed a new handbag design yesterday, the Solaris. I'd received a shipment of new hardware, including some jumbo gold rings that definitely looked a lot smaller in the catalog than spilled across my lap.

Let me just say, I love hardware... and hardware stores. I'm a sucker for things that clip and clink, that click shut and snap open again. When I was a kid, I used to design earrings from bits of circuit boards and multicolored telephone wires -- none of which clicked or clamped, which would probably explain why I gave up on them so quickly. Little did I know that I just hadn't found the right medium yet.

These jumbo gold rings were begging to be... well, clipped to something, and gold-studded straps became the answer. My original inspiration was a retro brass sunburst mirror, mixed with a dash of "Gladiator" thanks to Jack Whyte's Roman-to-Arthurian-Camelot history series ("A Dream of Eagles") which I've been re-reading lately. Salve, puella!