Monday, April 6, 2009

What's in a Name?

I have a double life... and it's about to be revealed!

I often forget that most people don't know I am really two businesses: AnvilArtshop, my online boutique of leathergoods and fashion accessories; and Abbey Hill Design, in which I design couture suits and one-of-a-kind eveningwear for diplomats and CEOs.

While there is some crossover between the two lines -- from techniques to supplies to logo -- the styles are quite different.

Here's an example from my AnvilArtshop boutique on Etsy:

Here's an example from my custom Abbey Hill Design portfolio:

Textiles and surface design pieces can fall into either camp. I have the fun, sassy pieces listed on Etsy...

... and the more serious, "status" silks are made-to-order for my clientele.
So the next time you see me with two hats on, don't be concerned... it's all good!

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Tom Banwell said...

Impressive! You must be busy.